Monday, February 10, 2003

Yes, another quiz is making the rounds..
Here's my result.

I am heroic couplets; most precise
And fond of order. Planned and structured. Nice.
I know, of course, just what I want; I know,
As well, what I will do to make it so.
This doesn't mean that I attempt to shun
Excitement, entertainment, pleasure, fun;
But they must keep their place, like all the rest;
They might be good, but ordered life is best.
What Poetry Form Are You?

It also said that if I weren't heroic couplets, I'd be blank verse.

If I remember correctly, heroic couplets was the verse form the Professor used in his unfinished "The Lay of Leithian" and "The Lay of Leithian, Recommenced", in which he told the tale of Beren and Lúthien, the part of the Silmarillion which quite probably was the closest to his heart.


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