Wednesday, August 06, 2003

No blogging until Monday
Real Life will be keeping me computerless for a while. On Saturday I will be going on a Day of Recollection for Secular Oratorians out at Rednal, the Pittsburgh Oratory's retreat house. (Yes, it is named in honor of the Rednal which is the retreat house of the Birmingham Oratory.) On Sunday I will be heading to St. Mary's, Pennsylvania to watch my friend Clare become a Benedictine novice. Prayers for both trips, and for my friend, would be most welcome.

A quote, just because.

"The Incarnation is the most stupendous event which ever can take place on earth; and after it, and henceforth, I do not see how we can scruple at any miracle on the mere ground of its being unlikely to happen. No miracle can be so great as that which took place in the Holy House at Nazareth; it is indefinitely more difficult to believe than all the miracles of the Breviary, of the Martyrology, of Saints' lives, of legends, of local traditions, put together; and there is the grossest inconsistency, on the very face of the matter, for any one so to strain out the gnat, and to swallow the camel, as to profess what is inconceivable, yet to protest against what is surely within the limits of intelligible hypothesis. If, through divine grace, we once are able to accept the solemn truth that the Supreme Being was born of a mortal woman, what is there to be imagined which can offend us on the ground of its marvellousness? Thus, you see, it happens that, though First Principles are commonly assumed, not proved, ours in this case admits, if not of proof, yet of recommendation, by means of that fundamental truth which Protestants profess as well as we. When we start with assuming that miracles are not unlikely, we are putting forth a position which lies imbedded, as it were, and involved in the great revealed fact of the Incarnation. "- Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., Lectures on the Present Position of Catholics in England

It is Day Five of the Novena for the Canonization of Venerable Newman.


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