Monday, August 18, 2003

The wedding was beautiful...
but we kept getting lost down in the Baltimore area. It seems as if everything in the section we were in (near Columbia) was hidden by trees, including signs for shopping centers and restaurants.

On the plus side, during our search for the church, we came across evidence that at least one Tolkien fan had been involved in planning the area. Somebody had named a subdivision "Hobbits Glen". However, I did not spot any round doors, or even round windows.....

At the reception, each place at the table had a little package of sugared almonds, and a small scroll, which read:

" 'Charity of its nature opens out into a service that is universal; it inspires in us a commitment to practical and concrete love for every human being.'- Pope John Paul II

To Our Family and Friends

We have made a donation in your honor to Peter's Pence, the Holy Father's charitable fund.

This fund helps those around the world suffering as a result of war, oppression, or natural disasters.

We thank you for sharing with us the joy of our wedding day.

Alison and Godfrey"

Prayers for the bride and groom would be most welcome.


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