Sunday, September 07, 2003

Thank you
to the two people who sent translations in response to my plea yesterday for a translation for the following quote:

"O Sancti Montis Cassinensis, unde Anglia nostra olim saluberrimos Cathohicae doctrinae rivos hausit, orate pro nobis jam ex haeresi in pristinum vigorem expergiscentibus"

From Father Philip Bochanski:

"O Saints of Monte Cassino, whence our England once drew the saving streams of Catholic doctrine, pray for us, that we may soon wake up from heresy [and return] to [our] former vigor."

And from Henry Dieterich:

"O saints of Monte Cassino, whence the most salvific streams of Catholic doctrine for our England once arose, pray for us that we may now awaken from heresy in our original strength"

Mr. Dieterich adds:
"Any translation is an approximation, but this cannot be exactly literal because the original uses grammatical constructions that have no parallel in English."

He also gave me links to his webpage and his blog .


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