Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Third paragraph
from the handout...
"Anger, the sister of envy, is to be resisted as an unworthy adjunct of pride, feeding as it does on the resentment of envy until the violence inherent in envy breaks out in physical and emotional cruelty, psychological pain, rage, assaults and even murder, the viciousness of the tongue, insulting, abusing, cursing and swearing to inflict damage, and many other terrible combinations of hatred, including hatred at a social level producing war, civil strife, and dissention. Such anger should be rejected in favor of meekness, that gentlest of virtues, which does not mean being a milk-sop, but being obedient to the will of God for peace. Meekness requires the courage to promote harmony out of strife, reconciliation out of emnity, communion out of dissention, agreement out of conflict. It means standing firm for God, for peace, and as such not return blow for blow."


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