Wednesday, March 05, 2003

St. Philip Neri quotes for Lent
" To mortify one's passion, no matter how small, is a greater help in the spiritual life than many abstinences and fasts."
(Especially interesting coming from a man who, from the age of nineteen or so, ate no meat except when commanded to by his doctor, and who basically survived on one meal a day, consisting of a roll, a few vegetables, and water ...)
"He who wishes to give himself up to prayer without mortification, is is like a bird wishing to fly before it is fledged."
"To be without pity for other men's falls, is an evident sign that we shall fall ourselves shortly."
"One of the very best means of obtaining humility, is sincere and frequent Confession. "
"He who conceals a grave sin in Confession, is completely in the devil's hands. "
"A man ought to mortify his understanding in little things, if he wishes easily to mortify it in great ones, and to advance in the way of virtue. "


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