Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Over at Mere Comments
there is currently a plethora of links to good articles, but there was one in particular which I found profoundly disturbing:
Dead Kids on the Block
The article deals with the pain-filled lives and early deaths of women who sell their bodies- usually for money to feed their drug addictions- and is, obviously, not meant for children-though most of the subjects of the piece are so young they are almost children themselves. The part I found most appalling was this:

"I remember a few years back listening to a talk radio program. A jolly lady, in her own words a 'senior citizen,'was speaking with chuckles about the time she gave her husband a special birthday present. She took him to the Block and paid for him to cut off a young woman’s clothes with scissors.The host, whom I know to be a very intelligent and principled conservative, said, 'And I bet everybody had a good time.'
'Oh yes,' chuckled the elderly woman. Hey, a bit of fun. It is one of those things that makes Balmer (ed. Baltimore) a grand ole’ place."

How could a woman possibly have so little self-respect that she would pay,
pay, for her own husband to drool over one of these pathetic kids ?


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