Friday, May 28, 2004

A note and a tech question...
I've added my friend's blog to my list. I must say, I really like his subtitle !
The tech question: how does one get links to line up under each other on a template instead of simply piling up next to each other the way my bloglist currently is ?


Blogger Karen Marie said...

I'm using square brackets instead of pointy ones so you can see them --- switch to pointy ones to use.

[br] or [br /] are the html for "carriage-return-line-feed" and to start a new line, one of those needs to be put after each link. If you like them double-spaced, which can make them easier to click, put two [br]s in.

[a href=""]Something or Other[/a][br][br]
[a href=""]Some Other Darn Thing[/a][br][br]

will appear as:
Something or Other

Some Other Darn Thing

karen marie
"from the anchor hold"

9:09 PM  
Blogger Auditrix said...

You can also do it like this (using Karen Marie's substitution of square brackets for pointy). This may indent them slightly. Ul is a list command, and the li stands for "list item"

[li][a href=""]Something or Other[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]Some Other Darn Thing[/a][/li]

8:04 PM  

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