Wednesday, June 23, 2004

On June 23, 1872
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., preached a sermon, of which the following notes survive:
The World Rejecting God
"1. All men like to be independent and have their own way, and in many things they can profitably be so and get on more to their advantage than when they are under rule, but—

2. In one thing they cannot—in religion and duty.

3. And for this reason: because we are made up of two principles which war against each other. One or other must be the master.

4. Satan knew this, both man's desire to be independent and the impossibility of it. He knew that man must either be God's servant or his own, and that he, man, did not know this. So he tempted him with, 'Ye shall be as gods,' and waited securely for his consequent falling under his own power.

5. Therefore man, rejecting his true Lord, admitted a usurper. This brings in atheism, i.e. idolatry with immorality. And therefore he always tends to get worse and worse, and unless God interfered he would become unbearable.

6. But God has always pleaded with man ('My spirit shall not always,' etc., and 'The Spirit intercedes'), and thus reserved a remnant. This remnant has pleaded for the world and saved it. It is the salt of the earth.

7. The deluge—till only eight persons. Earth filled with violence. 'They ate and drank,' etc.

8. Sodom. 'If ten persons.'

9. When our Lord came. Rom. i.

10. Ever since, it has been the elect few who have saved the world and the Church.

11. When at length 'He shall not find faith on the earth,' He 'cometh.'

12. On what in this age takes the place of professed idolatry, and is really atheism."


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