Thursday, March 06, 2003

Bill White
posted this very funny passage from Loss and Gain , one of the two novels by the Venerable.
This novel has an interesting story behind it. In 1847, Newman was sent a copy of a novel criticizing those members of the Oxford Movement who had been received into the Catholic Church . He had thought about writing something in response, but he was rather busy with establishing the Birmingham and London Oratories. However, he then heard of a married former Anglican clergyman named Burns who had been received into the Church. Burns was attempting to support himself by starting a Catholic publishing house. As a kindness to the struggling new publisher, Newman, as a "name author", took time from his packed schedule to write Loss and Gain, which he then offered to Burns to help launch his venture. ( I don't know if this Burns was the Burns of the famous Burns and Oates publishing house, but it would be likely, wouldn't it ? )
Anyway, it's an interesting read, moving in places, and, IMHO, quite funny in certain spots. This chapter makes me smile every time I read it.


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