Saturday, November 05, 2005

Adding a link to the blogroll...
Aliens in This World. I should have added her blog a long time ago, but you simply must check out her takedown of a bizzare 'argument'. (What's really funny is the other blogger accuses her in her comment box of giving a 'crazed response', which is nonsense. If she had, she'd have been justified...... " Answer the fool according to his folly, lest he become wise in his own eyes." - Proverbs 26:5 )

The ever-sensible Elinor Dashwood adds her own two cents.
The Feast of St. Elizabeth
is today. There is information on her here

"More blessed was Mary," says St. Augustine, "in receiving Christ's faith, than in conceiving Christ's flesh;" and St. Chrysostom declares, that she would not have been blessed, though she had borne Him in the body, had she not heard the word of God and kept it. This, of course, is an impossible case; for she was made holy, that she might be made His Mother, and the two blessednesses cannot be divided. She who was chosen to supply flesh and blood to the Eternal Word, was first filled with grace in soul and body; still, she had a double blessedness, of office and of qualification for it, and the latter was the greater. And it is on this account that the Angel calls her blessed; "Full of grace," he says, "Blessed among women;" and St. Elizabeth also, when she cries out, "Blessed thou that hast believed."

Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O. Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations